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How to Buy New Cars

India has witnessed the high demand of new cars in last decades. With primary purpose of transportation, cars are the status symbol for Indian users. An Indian buys a new car after research and finalize the car which matches their budget and usage. 'Owning a car' is a dream of millions of people across the nation. Each buyer have different expectations and requirements from a car.

Government policies and measures are helping the growth of car industry and reducing the footprint of pollution on environment. International car makers got their presence marked in country with new launches and upcoming cars. With increasing options and changed lifestyle, the usage of cars are also changing. Internet Cab Services are reducing the common problems faced by a resident of metro cities.

Online Catalog for Car Comparison

India have above 40 car brands, comprising over 200 models and 2000 variants, which makes the car buying process a tough process without comparison. Every car offers a unique set of standard and safety features. A car buyers finds it difficult to visit the showrooms for preliminary screening and shortlisting of cars. Online listing of cars will help the buyers to quickly find the right car after searching and comparison of models.

Personal Car Key Concepts

Car brands offers their best in every model keeping budget and features in mind to fulfill the needs of an owner. No two cars are same and every car offers different package of mixed features. It require deep analysis of a car features and comparing them with the set of another models, which leads to the finalization of a car.

Vehicle Types Explained

Car Types are categorized based on their size which is also known as vehicle type. Popular among other types are Hatchback, Sedan, Compact Sedan and SUV. These are explained below:

Hatchback car
A small car with rear door opening in upward direction, comprising total 5 doors. Out of 5 doors 4 doors are on sides providing facilities to passengers and rear door for luggage.
Sedan car
A car which have three portion structure comprising engine, passenger and luggage. A sedan car have separate luggage space which make it different and lengthy than hatchback cars.
Compact Sedan
A compact sedan is a sedan which is trimmed version of a full sedan in areas including length, features and cost. They offer features similar to sedan and lie in between a hatchback and sedan.
The primary distinguishing factor of a SUV is high ground clearance and large body structure. SUV cars are designed for off-roading and long distance travelling.
More Vehicle Types
There are other category of cars which are worth mentioning. Coupe and Convertible have options of open roof and two doors. Coupe is more rigid and strong than convertible which have soft roof. Minivan, Pickup Trucks and MUV stands out from others due to their specific usage.

Fuel Types Explained

Fossil Fuels are primary source of fuel for cars. With advancement in engine technologies and research development, car engines are now supporting hybrind or different fuel types. Petrol and Diesel are traditional car fuels, cng and electric are new entrant. Hybrid cars are cars which runs on two different fuels. Major combination of hybrid cars have petrol and cng or electric combination.

Gear Shift Explained

A car gets its power from gears which transfer it from engine to tyres. Manual gear shift is mechanism where the human interaction is required to change the gear, whereas in automatic gear shift also know as AT, the manual intervention is not required and its completely automatic process.

New Car Features

Safety Features

ABS, Airbags, Child Safety Lock, EBD and seat belt warning are most sought after features while looking for safety features in new cars. Indian government made it mandatory to have ABD, Seatbelt, Seat Belt Warning, Speed Warning System, Reverse Parking Sensors and Central Lock with cars launched since Oct,2017.

Comfort Features

Power Steering and windows, Air Conditioner with climate control, mobile charging sockets and armrests are most sought among the comfort and convenience features in new cars. Each buyer have different choices and not every car have all options, choose and drive wisely.

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